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Equipments detail
Equipment: Tripod Centrifugal Machine
Equipment Type: Separation Equipment -> Centrifuge
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-09-01
Main Features:
Description: Tripod Centrifugal Machine is a filter type one shat unloads materials from the bottom with hand operated scraper and intermittently operates. It is suitable for separating solid (grains, crystal or short fiber state)from the suspension whose thickness 5-6%,grain size0.05-1.5mm,The series of centrifugal machines has advantages, such as simple structure, convenient operation and others. Each operation process can be adjusted at will. The filter slag can be washed completely. The solid is not broken easily. Its application is wide. It can reduce labor strength. It is widely used in chemical, light industry, food, pharmacy, metallurgy and other trades. The machine corresponds to GMP series design.
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