Zhangjiagang W-Prosperity International Trade Co.,LTD.
Name:Zhangjiagang W-Prosperity International Trade Co.,LTD.
About Us
Zhangjiagang W-Prosperity International trade Co.,LTD. is a professional hotel and hospital laundry washer and chemical centrifugal extractor provider; we have our own manufacturer workshop which covers 500 square meters, Our main products are: ◇ Hotel/restaurant/hospital Commercial Washer & extractor (front door type) ◇ Industry washer (front door type): cloth/textile washer ◇ Hydro extractor (used in pharmacy/chemical/textile/hospital/food producing) ◇ Pharmacy centrifugal machine: special design to make sure it is satisfy the special area ◇ Flat ironer (single roller and double roller are used in textile/hospital/hotel) We are glad to cooperate with the customers all over the world by providing the good solution to the project, Looking for your notice!
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