Zhangjiagang W-Prosperity International Trade Co.,LTD.
Name:Zhangjiagang W-Prosperity International Trade Co.,LTD.
Equipments detail
Equipment: three- lifting filter bag discharge centrifuge
Equipment Type: Separation Equipment -> Centrifuge
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2016-05-30
Main Features:
Description: centrifuge machine is a modified product improved on the base of SS Model tripod top-discharging one. It remains the advantages of SS Model. It also reduces labor strength. Fast discharging to wash filtering bag conveniently and improve production efficiency, avoiding products to be polluted and dripped. It is suitable for separating suspension, which has high solid loosing, proper grain size, and little liquid viscosity. Widely used in light industry, food, environment protection and others. The machine design corresponds to GMP requirements
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