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Equipments detail
Equipment: Pharmacy/industry/fine chemistry/food area centrifugal machine
Equipment Type: Separation Equipment -> Centrifuge
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-09-01
Main Features: 1. Platform base with liquid damping shock absorption: Platform base structure could lower the center of gravity and stabilize the machine. 2. Independent feeding tray: 3. Air recoil and pneumatic auxiliary scraper. 4. Nitrogen anti-explosive system 5. Big hinged enclosure cover and Automatic online cleaning system, anti-explosive device, watching lens and cleaner, marks, 6. Safety protection equipment: It installs a set of mechanic and electric interlocking protection devices, 7. PLC Automatic control system: touch-screen monitor, frequency converter, dynamic braking, air-powered or hydraulic system. 8. Applying air-power could avoid the contamination to the materials by oil; well meet the requirements of pharmacy, foodstuff and fine chemicals industries. 10. Surface treatment: Apply the surface treatment techniques like polishing, acid treatment and passivation to treat the welding line, screw to ensure that the surface meets the GMP standards.
Description: vertical scraper bottom discharging automatic centrifuges. Once the materials to be separated enter the fast-spinning basket, they will be filtered by the filter liner under the centrifugal force. The liquid flows out through the liquid outlet, but solids deposit on the internal wall of the basket. As the solids cake reaches the max capacity, then feeding stops. Clean the solids cake, and then drain out the washing water. When the materials are separated, the drum spinning slows down. Scrapers cut down the solid cake and complete a cycle.
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